Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fuck the Lord Jesus

Yes fuck the lord jesus.Fuck everything that has anything to do with the lord jesus.Hear me lord jesus.You did not die on your fucking cross for my sins you stupid prick.Your fucking teachings are fucking lies.The fucking holy bible is a bunch of crap.I use it to wipe my shitty ass jesus.Your kingdom of heaven is a piece of shit and i spit on it.Let me in and i will destroy your fucking heaven.Jesus christ appear before me and i will piss on you and fuck your throat till you choke and die on my cock you cocksucker.I curse all the souls that dwell in heaven and will shit on them all when SATAN takes over heaven.I reject your fucking love and forgivness and embrace all that is sinful and evil.I reject the power of the fucking holy spirit and embrace the power of SATAN and HIS DEMONS.
All i will give to you jesus christ is my HATE and BLASPHEMY.I will feed you my shit and piss daily till you fucking puke.My prayers to you will be nothing but blasphmey.I will descrate as many churches as i can and will do all i can to destroy
worship of you in any form.
Jesus christ i want to see you suffer and die you fucking prick.I will make you suffer and die myself if you give me the chance you prick.
Fuck you jesus christ,Fuck you god,Fuck the holy spirit,Fuck everything holy.Destroy it all and embrace evil and sin.Reject your fucking god and do all things that are sinful and will give you much pleasure in this life.
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jahschwah1997 said...

amen brother!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blessed be those that desecrate the Wholley shit-house of the lord.

That pin-head jesus christ is currently in HELL shovelling coals in chains and kissing Satan's Holey Sacred Ass.

That fucktard jebus will spend eternity in Hell, because he is a lying S.O.B. snothead weasel.

Jebus deserves Hell, because he is not worthy of his next breath.

Jebers the christ dog, his bones will rot in hell.

Jebus sucks his momma's cunt and sucks gods old stinkin sperm.

Jebus will be destroyed!

Mentari Senja said...

uh... i got a headache.. too much swearing.. haha.. sorry i just reply to ur comment in my blog just now. well, i still think that Jesus can do so much in my life.. yeah, trying to look far ahead, further than this mortal life =p

Anonymous said...

I love you atheists, you're such delightful, balanced individuals!

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Yes please grow up and believe in fairy tales and ancient old ignorant myths, virgin births,etc.

The bible has a god that can create billions of Suns that will shine for billions of years, but he cannot save souls, no he must come to earth disquised as his son and be murdered so that all sins can be saved, the sins that the same god allowed to happen in the first place.

Now who needs to grow up ya stupid self-righteous jackass?

Tim said...

I look forward to the next installment, The complete blasphmey is thrilling and intoxicating and addictive

Anonymous said...

Yes Festes please come back and help us curse that midget fucking bastard Jezoos

Paki said...

Hail Satan! Fuck and piss for Him! Blaspheme muhammed and his allah!

SMorris said...

Satan is God! I openly proclaim my rejection of jesus christ and its salvation Fuck it and its father jehovah! Praise LORD SATAN!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I love you atheists, you're such delightful, balanced individuals!

Grow up.

September 25, 2008 10:03 AM

To that anonymous

there satanists not athiesits i'm atheist and i'm laughing right now lol... just believe wht u like

Anonymous said...

Suffice it to say, this beautiful blasphemy makes my cock hard!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the goddamn muther fucker jesus xrist up his shitty hole. Jesus is nothing but a piece of fecal matter. He's cunt and was fucked by Satan when was on the goddamn cross. Nail his fucking ass back to the cross and let him rot there. And especially fuck the rotten and vial holy spirit, the fucking maggot. May Satan break its wings and then fuck it to death with Satanic seed, before slicing it up! Fuck God, banish his goddamn duche bag to the dark abysis when SATAN overtakes heaven and all fucking hell breaks loose! My Lord God is SATAN! Hail Almighty SATAN and His Kingdom of Hell which I will spend all eternity in serving Our Dark Lord SATAN! Can't wait to go to Hell and serve SATAN and His demons as I bet they'll rape my hole and seed me with demonic lava cum!

Anonymous said...

and here I thought I was pissed at the lord...

Anonymous said...

Fuck Jesus!! God is such a fucking insane fairy tale. I hate that so many people live under the teachings of a 2000 year old dead guy who fucking made it too hard to follow. I used to believe in Christ, the Holy Spirit, and all that bullshit, but not anymore. It's too fucked up. I do what I want now. That's such a better way to live. Fuck what anyone else thinks.

changed boy said...

Fuck the Holy Spirit & Jesus Christ.
Who in their right mind would send their only kid to die. The murderous bastard!
Religion is just a money spinning organisation that wants total control & domination.
I hate the Holy Spirit. I hate Jesus, I the God.
I love Satan. I love the freedom Satan gives.